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Our Mission…

…is to provide a contemporary singing and dance academy that focuses on delivering high quality coaching to the modern, pop and an urban performance markets. We are uniquely different to other theatrical and pop schools as our coaches provide a performance experience that develops every individual as an individual, honing in on the needs of the specific student to ensure that they achieve success. All our coaches are hand-picked as they are the best at what they do and are fantastic role models too.

Our Values…

…are the very reason why we do what we do. We believe that the below values provide the foundations that are key to unlocking the development of every student’s singing, dancing and performance abilities. These values also mean that we remain inclusive, welcoming and, most importantly, a fun place to be.

1) Confidence

Through 1-1 mentoring, group exercises and performance opportunities we seek to develop confidence in all our students. With opportunities for everyone, both in the classroom and on the stage, we aim to grow each individual performer in confidence for use on stage and in life.


2) Community

We are a performance academy with a professional edge, but with a very inclusive approach. The fun and family vibe that is created by our coaches gives a relaxed, welcoming and warm environment in which every performer can have fun, make new friends and feel at home.  

3) Performance Skills

Whether you're a keen new comer, a developing intermediate, or a flourishing performer, Step Up & Sing is for you! With only qualified and experienced coaches, we have something to teach everyone. Our founder Sarah Benton qualified with a MA Degree in Contemporary Music Performance and has performed on some of the biggest stages in the UK, making her input on our students invaluable. 


The Voice 

Sarah Benton also holds a BA Hons degree in Music with Instrumental and Vocal Music Teaching making our curriculum second to none. With original fun warm ups, exercises and drills we promise to grow and develop your vocal range and singing abilities by unique and effective methods.

The Dance Moves

Although performers like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Usher were born with great voices they each had to learn slick dance moves and choreography to make them shine as performers. With highly qualified and experienced dance instructors we guarantee to keep you in shape by teaching you moves that will amaze and inspire.


The Performance: 

At the end of each term we believe it is important to host a performance where we will give the Step Up & Sing groups the opportunity to showcase all they have learnt. We also host a variety of termly performances ranging from large stages to classroom battles; so Beyonce, Beiber and Timberlake better watch out! 

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